Cleaning & Rubbish

Keeping the house clean and tidy is a requirement of your tenancy agreement.

Carpets should be vacuumed once a fortnight, with areas underneath & behind furniture being vacuumed once a month at a minimum.

Bathrooms, shower rooms & toilets must be cleaned regularly. Baths, shower cubicles & sinks should be cleaned with an appropriate bathroom spray, as well as any tiles to prevent a build-up of mould. Clean your toilet with bleach regularly, as well as using lime scale remover to prevent a build-up of lime scale below the waterline.

Taps/showers should be wiped down regularly, as well as mirrors and windows. Bathroom fans should also be vacuumed occasionally to prevent a build-up of dust that may affect the functionality of the fans.

Your kitchen must be kept clean & tidy at all times. Food should be stored in sealed containers, both in fridges and cupboards, and any food spillages should be cleaned up immediately. Empty your bins regularly.

Fridges, microwaves and ovens must be cleaned regularly. If you do not clean your oven or microwave all year, the build-up of burnt on food & grease will likely require a professional clean to remove it, for which you will be charged. Microwaves may become rusty if they are dirty, and should be wiped out after each use - otherwise, you may be charged to replace it if the appliance has become rusty. It is much easier to give these appliances a light wipe regularly than a full clean once every few months! 

Rubbish & old food must be bagged up & disposed of immediately & your kitchen floor must be swept a minimum of once a week. Food & rubbish left in the kitchen or other areas of the property will attract rats & mice and if your house has been unclean on inspections you may be charged for their eradication.


You should have a green wheelie bin and several recycling boxes. If these are missing or stolen, or you require a larger wheelie bin, you need to apply to the Council for replacements.

For enquiries about Rubbish & Recycling, please contact Brighton & Hove City Council:

Phone                01273 292 929


Recycling must be correctly sorted or it will not be collected.

You can mix together:

  • Cans & tins – washed & empty
  • Aerosols - lids removed
  • Cardboard – boxes must be flattened
  • Paper – including directories and window envelopes
  • Plastic bottles – washed & squashed with lids removed

You must separate:

  • Glass bottles & jars – washed with lids removed
  • Batteries – placed in clear plastic bags, by or on top of your box

Drinks cartons & clothing cannot be placed into recycling boxes.

Recycling boxes must be placed on or by the pavement either the night before or before 6.00am on the day of collection.

Boxes MUST NOT be left on the pavement all week. Members of the public will drop non-recycling items in them which you will then need to remove to ensure your recycling is collected.

All non-recycling items must be bagged in heavy duty black bags and placed inside your green wheelie bin. Any rubbish that will not fit must be triple bagged and placed next to your wheelie bin to ensure collection.

If they are not triple bagged, they are liable to attack by seagulls, foxes and vermin, and if the bags are ripped open you will have to clear up the mess!

Recycling is usually collected on a bi-weekly basis, and rubbish is collected weekly.

Please visit to find out when your collection days are.