Please be aware that when using sinks & showers in the house, it is important that you use the strainer in sinks, basins, showers & baths to prevent food, hair and other debris (i.e. shampoo tops, razor blade tops, bobby pins etc.) from going down the plug hole.

Kitchen sinks are not designed to have fat, oil and food put down them, as this will cause blockages. If you are cooking with fat & oil, you will need to put any excess in a sealed container and throw this in the bin instead of pouring it down the sink. Please also make sure that plates are thoroughly scraped before washing up or putting them in the dishwasher.

You are also responsible for the outside gully drains, which contain waste water from showers, baths, basins & sinks. The gully drain does not contain human waste. If it gets blocked, it may smell, but this is usually as a result of food going down the kitchen sink!

If you have a blockage, you can take the following steps:

  • First, clear the gully drain (the outside drain). You will need to pop on some rubber gloves, remove the plastic grid covering the drain and pull out anything blocking it. These can be blocked by food, hair, fat & soap powder.
  • Next, plunge all basins/baths/showers/sinks/toilets. Plungers can be purchased cheaply from Pennywise on the Lewes Road. It is important to plunge all drains as if there is a blockage somewhere in the system the pressure of plunging should dislodge them.
  • After plunging, you will need to (carefully) pour a couple of buckets of boiling water with a good amount of bleach down each drain (again, please use gloves!)

If you have tried the above and the drains are still blocked, please email repairs@g4lets.co.uk and we will instruct a contractor for you. However, if the drains are found to be blocked with food, hair or fat, the cost of the call-out will be charged back to you.