Joining an Existing Tenancy

Joining an existing tenancy

Below are the details of the process to join an existing tenancy:

It is the responsibility of the outgoing tenant to find their replacement, so you will need to be in contact with them directly to discuss taking over the tenancy and to arrange a viewing. We strongly recommend that you meet with all of the housemates to see whether the house and also the housemates would be a good fit for you, and vice versa. All of the remaining tenants in the property will need to sign a Deed of Assignment form confirming that they are in agreement in order for you to take over the tenancy from the outgoing tenant, so it is essential that everyone is happy with the arrangement.

1.  Paperwork : Once you have confirmed with the outgoing tenant that you would like to take over the tenancy, they will need to email to confirm this and to let us know when they are moving out and when you are hoping to move in. We will then email you out the required information and paperwork. This will consist of an Application form, a Guarantor form and a Direct Debit form plus details of the payments required prior to moving in. You will need to pay a deposit, which is the equivalent amount to five weeks’ rent, and also the first months’ rent in advance in order to secure the room. At this point we will also send the Deed of Assignment form to the remaining tenants.

Please note that all of our tenancies are joint and several. Joint and several means that you and your Guarantor are all equally liable for the full rent of the property as well as for any maintenance charges and damage caused to the house. You are also responsible for any guests that you bring into the property and any damage they may cause. Any damages found at the end of the tenancy / potential cleaning charges / rent arrears will be split equally between you all and taken out of your deposits.
Your group will be treated as one legal entity and so if there is any unpaid rent or charges we will contact all of you and your Guarantors to cover this.

In order to rent with G4Lets you will need to have a Guarantor who is a UK homeowner. Your Guarantor will need to provide evidence of this, i.e. mortgage statement if applicable or a document from Land Registry (if they are not able to / do not want to provide proof of home ownership they will not be able to stand as your Guarantor). Please note we cannot accept homeowners from the Channel Islands. If this is not possible you have the option of paying the full years rent up front – the amount due will depend on the date you move in. Alternatively, we do accept Housing Hand Guarantors. You can find out more about Housing Hand on their website
Please note that we do not set any deadlines for the paperwork and payments to be returned by, this must be agreed between yourself and the outgoing tenant but everything will need to be completed prior to you being able to move in.


2. The Deed of Assignment : While you are completing the required paperwork and arranging for the payments to be made, the outgoing tenant will need to organise the Deed of Assignment which will act as your Tenancy Agreement. This will need to be signed by the outgoing tenant and all of the remaining tenants, and each signature must be witnessed – this can be by another housemate. This document is often what can hold up the move in process - this must be completed before we can book in the checkout of the room, so you will not be able to move in until this has been organised and returned to our office.

3. Payment Information :
Deposit: this is the equivalent amount to 5 weeks’ rent so if, for example, the rent is £130 pppw/ £563.33 pppm the deposit will be £650.
First month’s rent: the exact amount due will depend on the date that you are planning to move into the house. If you happen to move in on the rent collection date you will need to pay the full months rent, if it is part way through the month you we will calculate how much will be due until the next rent collection date. The rent is calculated per calendar month rather than being exactly 4 weeks. Here is the calculation based on a rent of £130: take the weekly amount of £130, multiply this by 52 (weeks in the year) and divide it by 12 (months in the year). So if the weekly amount is £130 the monthly rent will be £563.33.

Please note that if you are a full time student you are exempt from council tax, if you are not a student then you will be liable for council tax on the whole property. We are not able to provide details of the amount of council tax that would be due so you will need to contact the council directly to find out more information on this. We strongly urge you to do this prior to making any commitments to the house.

4. Check-out – Once we have received all payments and paperwork from you, including the Deed of Assignment signed by the outgoing tenant and all of your new housemates, we will be able to book in a check-out of the room. This will be booked in within 7 working days after receiving all payments and paperwork and must be on a weekday. We will not book this in until all paperwork and payments have been received. At the check-out, we will inspect the room and any damages or cleaning will be noted to be deducted from the outgoing tenant’s deposit.

5. Handover – Once the check-out is complete, you will need to collect the keys from the office or arrange this with the rest of the tenants. When this is fully completed, the outgoing tenant ceases to have any legal responsibility for the tenancy, and this responsibility is legally assigned to you. You will be given a copy of the most recent Inventory for the property when you collect the keys, and you will have 7 days to submit any Inventory Amendments for the room to us. This will need to be sent to us via email with any photographs as attachments to the email. Please be advised that by taking over the tenancy you are also taking on responsibility for the condition of the property as a whole. As the tenancy is joint and several, any deductions made at the end of the tenancy for cleaning, maintenance, etc. will be divided equally between all tenants. If you would like to divide the charges differently, this is a matter that you would need to discuss and resolve between yourselves. It is really important that you understand we will have only done a checkout of the room of the vacating tenant and not the whole house. If the report shows that cleaning is required in the room, we will send in cleaners as soon as possible. The cleanliness of the rest of the house will be the responsibility of the existing tenants and we will encourage them to ensure the communal areas of the house are in a good clean condition for you to move into! If you complain about the state of the house when you move in, we may need to send in cleaners which will be charged back to the existing tenants.