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Legal FAQS

Do I need a Guarantor?

All tenants require a guarantor who is a UK homeowner. Should it not be possible for you to find a UK homeowner who is willing to stand as guarantor you can provide a deposit equivalent to 6 month’s rent instead.

Will an inventory be carried out?

An inventory will be carried out by an independent company the day before the start date of your tenancy. You will be provided with a copy of this and given up to 7 days to report any inconsistencies between the state of the house and what is reported on the inventory. We advise tenants to keep hold of a copy of this for their own records.

What if I need to leave before the end of my tenancy?

If you need to leave the house before the end of your Tenancy, you would need to find a replacement who will complete the required forms and pay their agency admin fee, deposit equivalent to 6 weeks rent and a month’s rent in advance. The house must be happy with the replacement tenant.

In the event that your replacement tenant does not have a UK guarantor we will accept a deposit equivalent to 6 month’s rent instead.

You, a remaining tenant and the new tenant will sign a ‘Deed of Assignment’ form. Once this is completed you cease to have legal responsibility for the tenancy. On the day you move out we will check you out of your room and in the event of any damages or cleaning we will deduct this from your deposit and return your deposit and return your deposit within 2 weeks or as soon as possible.

Why are we required to put any queries that we have in writing to you?

As our phone calls are not recorded we ask that you put any queries/concerns/requests in writing to us via email so that we all have a record of what has been said. It is extremely important to put everything in writing even if you have already called the office and spoken to someone verbally.