Maintenance FAQs

The Fire Alarm is beeping, what should I do?

Press SILENCE ALARM along with the code ALT 5-1-4 or if the alarm has a key turn the key and press SILENCE ALARMS but if there is not an option for this call the office on 01273 552600. If this falls outside of the office working hours, which are 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, or on a weekend or a bank holiday please TEXT the G4 Lets emergency line on: 07503 111 299. Please ensure that you include your address in the message!

You will also need to report this via email to: stating what you believe is the cause of sounding the alarm.

I have mould on my wall, what should I do?

Mould can be wiped down with warm soapy water.

Should you experience any condensation in the house this needs to be wiped down on a daily basis.

Please do not push any furniture up against the walls as this will not allow the wall to “breathe” and will cause condensation.

Mould will only come back if the windows aren’t opened for a change of air flow & more importantly if the house isn’t being well heated, you will need to wipe down the mould & as advised put heating on at regular times throughout day or the mould will just keep re-appearing.

Ventilation and heating is the key here. Drying washing in doors with the windows closed will also cause condensation and hence mould will form, therefore we strongly advise not to dry clothes indoors and if you do then to do this when you are home so that you are able to leave your window open in order to ventilate.

Handy tips to help minimise condensation

Clothes should not be dried over the radiator
Place clothes on a drying airer or rack in a well ventilated room
Tumble dryers should be properly vented
Existing extract fans should not be disabled by the tenants
Extract fans should be used when cooking or bathing
Keeping the lid on a pan while cooking will help to avoid excess steam
The only real way to banish condensation, damp or mould in the home is to keep it well ventilated.

The sink is blocked, how do I unblock this?

If you have not done so already you could try using a plunger and if this does not clear the blockage you can purchase some sodium of salts from a shop called Pennywise located on Lewes Road, Brighton, but please be careful if you do use these, only pop a small amount of this down the plug hole as it is highly corrosive. If this doesn’t clear it then some other item has been dropped down there and we can then unblock it and depending on what is causing the blockage this could be charged back to you.

The toilet is blocked, how do I unblock this?

If you have not done so already you could try using a plunger and if this does not clear the blockage please contact via email to we will then arrange for one of our maintenance contractors to come and unblock, this could be charged back to you if the blockage has been caused by any other item other than human waste & toilet paper, this also includes if the toilet has become blocked from excessive amounts of toilet paper.

My cooker isn’t turning on what should I do?

Set timer or set to manual mode. Check trip switch to check this hasn’t tripped? If after checking all of these your appliance is still not turning on please email:

My Freezer door won’t close, what should I do?

It most likely needs defrosting, if after defrosting the door will still not shut please email:

For any further information please do not hesitate to email us at: or call us on 01273 552600.