It is your responsibility to prevent infestation of pests. If you see any signs of pests in the property, report this immediately as it will be easier to resolve than if the problem is allowed to get much worse.


Prevent mice and rats by not leaving food around the property, sweeping your kitchen floor regularly, hoovering up crumbs/spillages, and ensuring that rubbish is disposed of properly and triple bagged where necessary. Any food in cupboards must be stored in sealed containers.

If you suspect there may be rats or mice in the property, email immediately.

Carpet Moths

Carpet moths are becoming an increasingly common problem in the UK as a result of milder winters. These are moths who lay eggs in wool carpets, and when the larvae hatch they feed on the carpet fibres. This can cause a lot of damage to the property. They can also damage clothing.

Some examples of carpet moth larvae are below:

The larvae usually live in dark undisturbed areas of carpet, such in the gaps next to the skirting boards and under beds & other furniture.

Please hoover regularly – including under beds and behind furniture as this can prevent carpet moth infestation.

If you see any larvae such as in the above picture, email immediately.

Keeping your house & carpets clean is the most effective way of preventing carpet moths!

Bed bugs

Bed bugs appear as small black dots on a mattress (they are often found in the creases around the edge of the mattress) and cause itchy bites.

If you suspect you may have bed bugs, email and we will instruct a contractor to inspect your room. You will be charged a £20 call-out fee for the initial inspection.

If it is confirmed that you have bed bugs, you will be charged a minimum of £50+VAT for sanitising your room.

Prevent bed bugs by changing sheets regularly and washing them on a hot wash where possible!