Rent Payments

G4 Lets collects rent by Direct Debit from each individual tenant. When you sign up to rent a house with us, we will ask for your bank details so that we can set up automatic payments from your account on the same date each month.
Your first rent is collected one month before the tenancy starts; no rent is collected on the start date; then 11 monthly payments will commence from the second month of the tenancy.

Your payment schedule can be found on Page 3 of your Tenancy Agreement.
You MUST ensure you have enough money in the bank to cover your rent payment. If your Direct Debit is rejected, you may incur bank charges and your end of tenancy reference may be affected.

If you do not have enough money in your account on rent day:

The bank will notify us that your direct debit has been rejected. Then we will contact you by email giving details for you to make an urgent manual bank transfer to us, or call up to pay by debit card. Your guarantor will be copied into the email.
If we do not receive a response from you within 2 working days, we will contact your guarantor directly and ask them to pay on your behalf.
Please remember that your tenancy is joint & several. This means that if, after contacting you & your guarantor, the rent remains unpaid, we will contact your housemates and/or their guarantors & ask them to pay your arrears.

If rent arrears on the property exceed two months, G4 Lets may serve you with an eviction notice.
Please budget your student loan wisely. You are entering a legal contract and have been made fully aware of the payments that will be due and when they will need to be paid.

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