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We request that maintenance issues are formally reported to to ensure there is a record of the issue and subsequent action. If you choose to call the office about an issue, we will still require a written report so that we’re able to action a repair.

During a busy time like the Summer Changeover Period, kindly note that our contractors service several student properties per day, but any report will be followed up on at the Maintenance Team and relevant specialists’ earliest availability.

In the event of a severe issue, requirement of extensive repairs, or requests for furniture replacements, please note that we’re required to acquire the relevant quotations and advise the Landlord of the situation to receive their approval to proceed with the proposed solution. The Maintenance Team will always aim to keep tenants informed as to the progress of any such situation.

For an emergency that has occurred outside of the office working hours, tenants are required to send a written report to and:

A. For alarm system and electricity-related emergencies, contact our electrics team via text message to 07712 103351, clearly noting your full property address and issue you are experiencing.

As first instance, our electrician will attempt trouble-shooting and advice over the telephone, which will not be charged. An emergency response visit in person will be charged £90.00 + VAT for the first hour, any further time will be at the cost of £47.50 + VAT per hour.

The electrician’s response hours will be:
•Weeknights (Monday to Friday evenings) – 5:00PM to 10:00PM
•Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) – 7:00AM to 10:00PM

B. For plumbing, heating or gas supply-related emergencies, contact our plumbing-heating engineer via text message to 07554 631661, providing your full property address and issue that has occurred. Note that shower leaks, blockages and boiler pressure dropping will not be considered an emergency on weeknights as this will be addressed during normal working hours.

An emergency response visit in person will be charged £90.00 + VAT for the first hour, £50.00 + VAT for any subsequent hour required.

The plumbing-heating response hours will be:
•Weeknights (Monday to Friday evenings) – 5:00PM to 10:00PM
•Weekends (Saturday and Sunday) – 8:00AM to 10:00PM

Should a fire occur, you must leave the property and call 999 once you are safe; should you suspect a gas leak, you must open all windows and doors for ventilation and phone the National Gas Emergency on 0800 111999.
Please note G4 Lets does not provide an out-of-office service for lost keys, lock repair or being locked out.
If you lose your key or lock yourself out outside of our opening hours, you will either need to wait until the office opens, or you will need to call a locksmith. We recommend Haines Security who provide an out-of-hours service:
Telephone 01273 697 799
Mobile 07860 954 197

As with any regular call-out, where the issue is found to be the Landlord’s responsibility, all costs associated with the relevant repairs will be charged to them; if the issue is found to have been caused by tenant action, it may result in a tenant bill for the contractors’ services. Any such allocations will depend solely on the contractors’ findings upon attending.

When requesting an out-of-hours visit, you must ensure you are present at the property to allow the specialist access as our contractors will be unable to access our office for property keys prior to arrival.

A serious leak in the property

This means a leak that you are unable to control, that could potentially cause
serious damage to the property before the next working day or is causing
A non-serious leak is anything that is not constant, for example where
showers/baths/taps are only leaking during use, in which case you will need to
refrain from using the shower/bath/tap and report via email to

Issues that affect the immediate security of the property

This means a front door that cannot be locked, a wide-open window that
cannot be closed, or another other issue which prevents tenants from securing
the property. In the case of a break-in, please contact 999 and report the issue
to once you are safe.

Gas leak

Information on how to detect a gas leak can be found at
If you smell gas or think you have a gas leak, or that fumes containing carbon
monoxide are escaping from a gas appliance, please immediately call the free
Gas Emergency Services emergency line on 0800 111 999.
Open all doors and windows to ventilate the property; do not turn on/off any
electrical switches; extinguish all naked flames and do not smoke, strike
matches or do anything which could cause ignition.

Electricity failure

If the electricity fails, you need to establish if any appliances (personal or those provided with the house) are faulty and have tripped the switch. If none of the appliances are causing the trip and the electrics are still not working after flipping the fuses back up on the fuse board, please contact the out-of-hours line and email

Fire alarm failure

If there is an issue with your fire alarm, i.e. a fault showing on the panel,
please contact the out-of-hours electrician and email a report to If the alarm is sounding, press ‘Alt 5-1-4’ where
possible to activate the panel and press ‘Silence’ to turn off the sound.
You will still need to contact the out-of-hours electrician and email the report to
In the event of fire, please contact the emergency services using 999, and
report the issue to once you are safe.

A boiler breakdown leaving you with no hot water or heating;

Please only contact the out-of-hours plumbing-heating engineer for boiler
issues in the case that our office is closed for the next one day or longer, such
if the breakdown occurs on a Friday evening, Saturday, or over a public
Prior to reporting the issue, please check the following:
a) If you are on a meter for your electricity and or gas, that there are sufficient
funds on the account;
b) That the thermostat (this should be located in the hallway) is turned up past
the point to where you hear it click;
c) The timer is set to constant or timed for the heating and hot water on the
d) That the fuses haven’t tripped out on the fuse board;
e) That the thermostatic valves on the radiators are turned on and that you
don’t have any items surrounding these as this will prevent it being able to
detect the room temperature.
Please note – if it is only the top floor radiators that are not heating up, this
may be due to the length of time that you are leaving the heating on for each
time. The upper level radiators are always last to heat up as they are last on
the system – if this is the case, you will need to leave the heating on for longer
in order to sufficiently heat the whole house.

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