To be eligible to rent a house with G4 Lets you must…

Have someone who is willing to stand as your Guarantor and is a UK homeowner OR be able to pay the full yearly rental amount up front.

If neither of these options is available to you, we recommend using Housing Hand, a guarantor service who charge a fee to support you. Please see their website for details:

Please ensure you can fulfil one of these requirements before proceeding to reserve the house with us.

All our Tenancy Agreements are’ joint and several’ which means that all tenants are equally and individually liable for the whole rent on the house. This liability extends to the Guarantors.

To reserve a house…

Your group will need to send one email stating which house you wish to reserve, with a list of your names and email addresses to: We will then provide you with relevant reading and our payment details. Each person in your group will then need to put down a Holding Deposit of the equivalent amount to one week’s rent. Once everyone has done this, you will have reserved the house. Please note that these initial payments are non-refundable should you change your mind about the property.
When you sign the Tenancy Agreement the holding deposit you have paid will become part of your overall deposit and as such will be refundable at the end of the tenancy (after any potential deductions for repairs/cleaning/rent arrears).
We use StuRents online tenancy scheme. Once you have paid your holding deposit you will be provided with a secure email link to your Tenancy Agreement and Guarantor Form via the StuRents website. You will have two weeks to complete the Tenancy Agreement and four weeks to pay the balance of your deposit (equivalent amount to four weeks rent).
Please note that if your documents and payments are not organised by the deadline provided, we may choose to not accept you as a tenant and could put the house back on the market.


You will receive a separate email from our accounts department with a Direct Debit Form and an explanation about the rent collection process. The Direct Debit Form will need to be returned within 1 week.


If you are looking to rent a house shortly before the start of the Autumn term you will be expected to make all your payments as soon as possible before the tenancy start date. The payments will be a deposit equivalent to 5 weeks rent, plus your first month’s rent in advance. (You will need to factor in the total payment when asking us to take the house off the market, as we will not be in a position to offer extensions to deadlines.)
If any documents or payments are still outstanding at the tenancy start date, no-one in the group will be able to move in until these have been completed.

Checking In

Prior to the tenancy start date, one of our agents will conduct a Zoom call with the group to answer any questions about the property and your tenancy. They will go through the key collection procedure with yourselves and give you a property overview during the video call.

On your tenancy start date you will be sent an Inventory of the house and allowed 7 days to check through it and return it to us with any amendments, should any need to be made. Amendments will need to be typed up and accompanied by photographic evidence.

Legal Advice

We are unable to give out legal advice on any of the documents you will be signing. We therefore strongly recommend that you take independent advice to ensure that you fully understand the legality of the agreement you are entering into.

Tenancy Fees


If the rent is more than 14 days late, a late charge of 3% + Bank of England base rate will be charged on a daily basis until the rent is paid.


Lost key – a normal Yale key can be borrowed to be cut (£50 refundable deposit or form of ID to be returned )

Replacement regular key – -£10

Replacement security key – £25



As our tenancies are joint & several, should a tenant wish to leave a tenancy before the end date, they must find a replacement tenant and a Deed of Assignment must be signed by all parties. A fee of £50 will be charged for the paperwork involved in dealing with a change of tenant.




Should all the tenants wish to end a tenancy early and the Landlord is in agreement, bearing in mind he is not under any obligation to agree, then a fee of £50 will be charged for ending the tenancy early.




G4 Lets is a member of “MyDeposits”, the government-approved Tenancy Deposit Protection Scheme. Please click this link ( to visit their web site for more information. The Deposit will be protected once the Tenancy Agreement is signed. The Certificate with prescribed information will be sent to the tenants and anyone listed as an interested party. All our properties have a current Gas Safety Certificate, an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) and it will be licensed as an HMO with Brighton & Hove Council.
We are also a certified member of UKALA. Our Client Money Handling Certificate can be found here Ukala CMP as well as our Client Money Handling Procedure
UKALA – Client Money Handling.

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