At the start of your tenancy you are provided with a front door key & a bedroom key. It is essential that you look after these.

If you lose a key or lock yourself out, you will need to contact the office during office hours. If we hold a spare you may come into the office to borrow this. You will need to leave a cash deposit of £50 or failing that a driving licence, credit card or something similar as security. If you return the key/s within 2 working days this deposit will be refunded. If you do not return the key within 2 working days, we will need to have new ones cut and there will be a charge of £10 per key.

If you lose a security key, you will be charged a minimum of £25 for a replacement. You will need to email to request a new key, which will take between 7 and 14 days to arrive. If we do not hold a spare key, you will be charged to have your lock changed.
G4 Lets does not provide an out of office service for lost keys or being locked out.

If you lose your key or lock yourself out outside of our opening hours, you will either need to wait until the office opens, or you will need to call a locksmith. We recommend Haines who provide an out of hours service:

Telephone 01273 697 799
Mobile 07860 954 197

Please note that if you change the front door lock at the property this will need to be replaced like-for-like to ensure that the new lock is compliant with the HMO regulations. If the replacement does not meet these regulations you will be charged for this to be replaced. If the front door lock is replaced you will need to provide the office with 6 copies of the new key along with replacement keys for your housemates. If your bedroom lock is changed you will need to provide the office with 2 copies of the new key.

If you break a key in the lock due to force, you will be charged to replace both the lock and the key.
At the end of the tenancy you must leave your front door & room keys in the bedroom door or you will be charged for replacements from your deposit.

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