Moving Out / End of Tenancy

You will receive your section 21 Notice via email at least two months before you need to vacate the property.


Shortly after you receive your Section 21 Notice, we will email you with your check-out letter and some deposit return guidelines.

You are not required be present for your check-out appointment.

Preparing for check-out

PLEASE NOTE: As your tenancy is joint & several, you are jointly & severally liable for any charges for cleaning & damages when you vacate the property, and any charges will be split equally between all tenants. If one or more tenant/s contact us in writing to take responsibility for something (i.e. a breakage), we will apply the respective charges to them only, however all other charges (including those related to bedrooms) will be split equally between all tenants.

You are required to give up the property in the same condition and state of decoration as it was at the commencement of the tenancy, reasonable wear & tear excepted. You will need to make sure that you thoroughly prepare for the check-out appointment to avoid unnecessary charges.

Any charges for repairing or replacing damaged items or cleaning will be deducted from your deposit.

Check-out appointment

Your check-out appointment will be undertaken by the same independent inventory company that undertook the inventory at the commencement of the tenancy. They will use this inventory to compile a check-out report which will list any damages or cleaning required.

Please make sure the house is prepared for your check-out appointment; if the agent attends and is unable to undertake the check-out we will reschedule the appointment and you will be charged a minimum of £55.

Please read the below information carefully to help us return you deposit quicker:

  • The property must be completely empty of personal belongings including any unwanted items and thoroughly cleaned by the date and time given above.
  • We strongly advise that all tenants are present on the day of the check out. If for any reason you are not able to attend the checkout please ensure that you room is left empty, clean, and with your full set of keys in your bedroom door.
  • Each tenant is responsible to return one front door key and one bedroom key if you have a lock on your door. If you fail to leave your keys at the property for the check-out you will be charged for the key/s or a lock replacement.  
  • It is your responsibility as tenants to give your gas and electricity supplier the final meter readings, as well as informing your water supplier and the council of your departure.

It is very important to hand in the relevant meter readings as failing to do so might result in the bills being worked out on an estimate which usually ends up being more than it should be. 

  • You will need to make sure that you arrange for your post to be gets redirected to your new address. G4Lets will not forward any post.

Deposit Return

  • Please ensure that you provide G4Lets with an email address for your deposit return. You will also need to provide us with your room number which you will find on the top left or right hand corner of your bedroom door, should your door be unnumbered then please confirm your room location. We will also require full bank details - the name on the account, the sort code and account number for the return of the deposit. We aim to return deposits within one month from the official checkout date, dependent on volume.
  • Should your email address have changed you must provide us with an updated email address as you will not receive your deposit breakdown if we do not have this.
  • Remember that the deposit is not under any circumstances to be used to pay your last month’s rent.
  • Most deductions made to the deposits are due to inadequate cleaning, rubbish left at the front or back of the house, marked or poorly re-painted walls and stained carpets.