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Reporting Maintenance

Reporting Maintenance

Our office opening hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm, any issues that occur during these hours must be reported immediately via email to The company policy is to report this in writing via email, the reason for this is because our telephone calls are not recorded, creating written evidence of the report, in your interest, should this be necessary for you to refer back to during your tenancy, particularly at the deposit return stage.

In order to avoid any miscommunication we ask that only one tenant emails with the issue, copying in the rest of your housemates so that they are aware that the issue has been reported. Please check your emails for a response before calling the office. 

Your email must include the property address & the location of the issue (e.g. bedroom number/first floor rear bathroom/kitchen etc.) in the subject line of the email.

You are welcome to telephone the office if an issue is particularly urgent, however if you have not already sent in an email you will be asked to do so.

Please do not report maintenance to other departments or staff members. When the office is very busy we cannot guarantee that emails will be internally forwarded or verbal messages passed on, and even where they are this may cause a delay in addressing the issue.

You must report maintenance issues as soon as you are aware of them so that we can address them at the earliest opportunity and minimise any further potential damage. We strongly advise you to read through the Maintenance Help Guides on the website and in the Welcome Pack as it may prevent you for being unnecessarily charged for maintenance. 

Please note that it is much more likely that we will be able to arrange for a contractor to come out the same day if we receive a report first thing in the the morning!